The Shadow Rising

a new chapter begins

So much was happening so quickly, the party found themselves on the road again with new members and new goals. They had barely escaped from the Mad Animator with their lives, fate had thrown them a scrap of luck to get them out of that damned place. It had shown them how woefully unprepared they were, each individual still only loosely held to the task in front of them. Unless they started working as a team there would be no hope for any of them. The young representative of the Sand people had the makings of a leader but was still too green and too brash yet. The Witch could see her task was to keep them on track until he could take the mantle, to keep them all alive as long as she could. The others seemed unsure and uncommitted, petty infighting and distrust abounded. Is it possible to turn this rabble into heroes?

Zim knew that if Idria had remembered him he would have been dead where he stood. He had thought her dead, it had shocked him to see her there. He had surprised himself with the conviction he had mustered to deny the accusation of Betrayer, it was almost as if he believed his own words.

Illariel had been left behind, her soul dragged into the abyss in search of the one she had bound it to, her body a useless husk until the right magic could lead them back into the light. This was a task of faith, a personal journey that could shatter her or return her to wholeness.

Kaltharen experienced a moment of clarity while under assault from the psychic attack of the Mindflayer. Forced to face the weight of his birthright he could no longer push the responsibilities from his mind with petty distractions of the world. Quiet meditation with his moonblade has brought him some answers, and even more questions.

Sora isn’t impressed with Jarr’s big head, but he has more serious things occupying his mind. Preventing the Blood Lord from rising is certainly a worthy cause but is this group really the best that can be gathered for such a task? Where are the mighty warriors, the just Knights and honourable Paladins to smite this fiend? Is he really the last? When faced with the Mindflayer’s trickery he had Roared in defiance. Sora would be a shining light of valour in these dark days, an inspiration to those who fought beside him, a protector of the weak (Jarr), and a terror to those he opposed. Bring on the adventure!



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