The Shadow Rising

Part 14

Meeting the white witch on the road to the mine had deepened the mystery surrounding their quest. Despite speaking little the party worked towards a common goal, at least superficially. She had spoken of desire and treasure, was it to sway them to her cause, or to divide them and make them weak? She was playing all sides. Distrust was evident between the party members. The Griffens were wild-eyed and skittish and they argued over whether to leave them behind. When the cavernous mouth of the mine loomed ahead the decision was made for them.

A hellish vision accompanied by the stench of death, a skull-like hole gaping out of the side of a mountain. The path lined with bodies stripped to the bone long ago by drying winds howling up from the ravines. They pressed on, eventually leaving behind all traces of the surface. Traipsing through darkness they saw a soft glow ahead, and stepped out from the dark into the light of a silent dungeon, a fireplace lighting each end of a large hall.

HA! laughed a booming voice, HA! HA! HA! ha! ha! ha… The voice died away as a huge Golem clanked and shuddered to life in the far corner.

Now faint cries could be heard from a pit in the centre, it was the last of the archaologists they had come to find. The information! So close, and yet so far.

Illariel moves swiftly to heal the prisoners. Hussam dashes to the bookcases at the far side of the hall, searching. The white witch had spoken of unkillable zombies, zombies with no weakness, but these are incomplete works. There has to be a weakness! Kaltharin and Sora advance towards the Golem, Jarr bringing up the rear. Zim has disappeared into the shadows.

The weakness is fire! Hussam yells as zombies start to swarm from nowhere. The Golem is making an ominous whirrring noise, like it’s charging up.

Suddenly the hall is aflame, a huge blast of power eminating outward from the Golem. Every party member is hit.



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