The Shadow Rising

Session 7

Despite Jarr’s protests, the group abandons Thorn’s body in pursuit of the orc that made off with Sora’s precious disc.

The fleet-footed Kaltharin managed to run down the thief, only to witness the poor orc’s throat being slit by a group of humans in robes, within site of the northern entrance to the Kiris mansion. Sora, always one for subtlety, politely demands the group fuck off, or something along those lines. Surprisingly, combat ensues.

The party rummages through the now dead human’s belongings, Sora finds his disc, and the party notices the ring of Shar on one of the ruffians. Ellariel, Idria, and Kaltharin take the dark cloaks off the bodies and pretend to march the “captured” Sora into the Kiris Dahn mansion.

They notice dead hobgoblin guards slumped over the walls, and find a couple dead inside as well. Ellariel and Sora note a necrotic essence around the dead, which Kaltharin takes as his cue to decapitate the bodies.

The party uses the third and final scroll (to find the slaying stone) in the center of the dining room, only to have Ellariel and Sora fall to the ground unconscious, possessed by a vision of some terrible beast, trapped behind a magical barrier that’s now weakening.

Upon waking, they search the rest of the mansion, finding a room full of the hobgoblin’s plundering efforts. Of course, they greedily steal as much as they can.


These narratives need a “Like” button :p nicely written!

Session 7

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