Small, creepy and wants to take over the world. Has issues.


Zim believes that in defeat, a quick death is showing true mercy. His general appearance is as a changeling child though sometimes appears as an elderly changeling with long white beard and hair. Only appears as an adult when trying to make an impression or intimidate someone. Zim takes particular pleasure in intimidating his enemies but sometimes forgets he doesn’t have the power he used to. In order to gain power and knowledge he has positioned himself working for the highoverseer so he can move about the kingdom and get the information he seeks. The overseer is using his contacts to get information for Zim, he is especially interested in the whereabouts of banned magical implements. Not all have been destroyed or hidden by the elves, some have been lost and others are in the hands of darkness. It is these that he seeks.

Zim has pretty creepy personality and a tendency to say things or act in a way that would make his party members dislike him and/or be totally creeped out. He can be cruel to those he doesn’t respect, which is almost everybody. Zim has a twisted code of honour that is hard to make any sense of. Currently he is trying to suss out the party members, he is unsure of Hussam as he knows the sand people to be cunning, and he has respect for the raven queen and her followers. He generally dislikes elves because they are too black and white in their thinking and he has a disdain for shiny armoured ‘heroes’ who use their swords more than their brains. He will stay quiet until he can learn more about them.He was initially unimpressed at being set on such a meaningless task but now suspects that it will work to his advantage.


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