The Shadow Rising

Session 7

Despite Jarr’s protests, the group abandons Thorn’s body in pursuit of the orc that made off with Sora’s precious disc.

The fleet-footed Kaltharin managed to run down the thief, only to witness the poor orc’s throat being slit by a group of humans in robes, within site of the northern entrance to the Kiris mansion. Sora, always one for subtlety, politely demands the group fuck off, or something along those lines. Surprisingly, combat ensues.

The party rummages through the now dead human’s belongings, Sora finds his disc, and the party notices the ring of Shar on one of the ruffians. Ellariel, Idria, and Kaltharin take the dark cloaks off the bodies and pretend to march the “captured” Sora into the Kiris Dahn mansion.

They notice dead hobgoblin guards slumped over the walls, and find a couple dead inside as well. Ellariel and Sora note a necrotic essence around the dead, which Kaltharin takes as his cue to decapitate the bodies.

The party uses the third and final scroll (to find the slaying stone) in the center of the dining room, only to have Ellariel and Sora fall to the ground unconscious, possessed by a vision of some terrible beast, trapped behind a magical barrier that’s now weakening.

Upon waking, they search the rest of the mansion, finding a room full of the hobgoblin’s plundering efforts. Of course, they greedily steal as much as they can.

Session 6
The Death of Thorn

With a freshly looted wand of awesomeness The adventurers proceed to a well deserved rest at the volcanic springs of Winterhaven.

Less restful so much as terrible, what with the ambushes and the orcs, and in the fight to defend the mysterious heirloom guarded by Sora, brave, unconscious Thorn valiantly leapt into the path of Idria’s burning hands, drawing the orcs behind her, sacrificing herself so that the party may persevere. Thorn’s sacrifice seemed in vain, as a single orc survived to flee with the enigmatic disc, yet it is the thought that counts.

Who else to blame for this calamity but Sora? The mischevious Draconian wyrm, masquerading in the noble guise of a paladin, while his secrets and vendettas of personal ambition lead the poor, innocent, spellcasters to a doom of ineveitable misery and misfortune. A moment of remembrance for those spellcasters, and the burden that weighs upon the heroic, though clumsy, Idria, as she must come to terms with the terrible events of the day. Oh, and Thorn too.

Perhaps, in the shadows, Kaltharin now schemes, laughing maniacally in his misdirection and subterfuge, for behind all puppets lies a puppeteer – and Sora doesn’t have the brain-meat to pull this off on his own. No, none can know for sure, but would they know if he isn’t scheming? That is the true question that should be asked this day.

Ellariel tries her hardest to sustain these fools and villains, her heart torn asunder with the weight of her compassion, her blood and tears poured forth in selfless love and charity, but even her monumentous effort may not be enough to save them from themselves.

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(Ellariel battles the orcs. Also some other things happened)

Session 5

The adventurers interrupt a goblin shaman performing a dastardly ritual within the temple district, involving no small amount of urine. Also skeletons, fire.

The group activates the second scroll to search the area for the slaying stone. Ellariel and Sora have the following vision:

“As the scroll flares up, you’re nearly overwhelmed with dizziness. A vision plays before your eyes: you’re trapped. In the dark. You get the sense that you’ve been trapped, a long, long time. A skeletal hand… yours, but weakened, scratches fruitlessly at a magical barrier in front of you, clawing at it, but only half-heartedly, like you know it won’t do any good.

It lasts only a second, and you take a deep breath to regain your balance, finding yourself back in the temples again."

Session 4

The PCs enter the library of Winterhaven.

Kiris library

Inside, they confront a large ogre in the process of torturing and killing goblins.

Hilarity ensues.

The ogre appeared to have been branding an image into the goblin’s faces:

Ac symbol small

Session 3

The PCs sneak into Winterhaven by crossing a river near the Kobold Slums. Jarr takes them to his home, expertly guiding them through the trap filled warrens.

Sora and Jarr go to visit Irontooth, King of Winterhaven’s kobolds, with the intent of gaining the kobold’s aid.

The PCs manage to get the kobolds on side, and with a little flirtatious encouragement, the kobold war party (all 20 of them) rush off into the night, Irontooth at the front.

The PCs head deeper into Winterhaven, managing to move mostly undetected through the city, though a couple of goblins do see them and run off in fear.

Session 2

PCs are close to Winterhaven when wolves attack.

Dire wolf

They fight their way through them to Treona’s tower.

Treona tells them how Winterhaven was over-run by goblins a number of years ago, who renamed it Gorizbadd. She asks the PCs to recover a “slaying stone”… the last of a number of deadly artifacts that can only be used in and around Winterhaven as a weapon to kill nearly anybody / thing. Only way the slaying stone can be destroyed is by Treona’s ritual, or by using it.

Promises to give Sora some information on the one he seeks in exchange for help, and has asked Idria to locate some documents/scrolls in the library of Winterhaven (or Kindling Shop, as Jarr calls it). Also has agreed to pay the group 400 gold should they succeed in returning / destroying the slaying stone.

Session 1

PCs save Gavaren (stuttering priest of Chantea) from thugs.

Gavaren asks them to head to Winterhaven to meet with his mistress. On the road, admits to knowing Sora before hand, says his mistress will explain more.


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