The Feywild

The Hags

Ethel: Agnes, look at these, haven’t we done well, won’t he be pleased?
Agnes: Well he couldn’t be much pleased with this lot could he, barely a scrap on them, except for the ugly one
Ethel: He doesn’t want to eat them, Agnes!
Agnes: I want to eat them Ethel, I captured them after all.
Ethel: Who captured them Agnes? I don’t think it was you.
Agnes: Who else could it have been? all the gnomies are deads, poor little gnomies.
Ethel: Not the gnomies no, so you can eat those.
Agnes: Why, you didn’t think you captured them did you Ethel?
Ethel: And why shouldn’t I? Haven’t I always been the most captivating? (batters eyelashes)
Agnes: You may have the looks Ethel but I’m the cleverest, so it must have been me.
Ethel: Well maybe we should just ask them which one of us it was captured them?
Agnes: Ooh wake them then, let’s see what they have to say!
Ethel: Hmmm, well we shouldn’t have done that should we?
Agnes: No very foolish of us, I suppose we’ll just have to kill them then.
Ethel: Yes, kill them and eat them, and he’ll just have to wait, won’t he!

The Fey

“We were wondering which of you would gain the upper hand, quite the medley bunch of fools. But we do abhor oppressors, so thankyou.” (They treat Kaltharin with polite yet subtle animosity, and seem enamoured by Zim). “Ah, moon born, how good of you to return to your native land. But who is this? A Servant of Laeris? Our lady Sehanine greets you, Mistmask, may you ever walk her winding path.”
(All others are regarded with disdain, with surprise that they can even talk). “You have taught these ones well! I could almost belive their pitiful minds understand the sounds their dumb mouths are making.”
(Leads to edge of cliff.) “One of them ‘lost’ this, I’m sure they were looking for more. Our lady smiles upon you this day.” (Moon card flutters to the ground.)
(At edge of clearing, cliff, nonchalantly gestures to ancient palace ruins in the distance.) “If you are looking for more of their kind, you’ll find them there. Do enjoy yourselves.” (They dissappear as quickly as they came.)

The Baron

1: A coalesence of shadows forms a darkly glowing sphere, casting the area around it into deeper shadow, pulsating, hungrily. (total xp lost 300)

2: The sphere tears at the edges of the light nearest it, humming at your approach, flaying specks of blood from the skin. (total xp lost 600) -2hp.

3: You feel dizzy, nauseous. You could almost swear the sphere is getting larger. (total xp lost 900) -2hp, weakened until sphere dissipates.

4: The humming grows in intensity, and it leaves you with a feeling of sickness, of disorientation. The edges of the sphere are coarse, and fluctuate with violent intensity as they flicker towards you. (total xp lost 1200) -2hp, when move have to roll to save, otherwise stumble in random direction, unless moving towards sphere.

[It was at this point that Sora sacrificed himself].

5: Light in the room seems to be shredded, lying in tatters. The hum pierces your hearing, becoming a shrill keening, and pools of spilled blood are hungrily absorbed. (total xp lost 1500) -4hp, if living and awake slide 1 square towards sphere.

6: The keening is becoming difficult to bear, pain is lancing through your limbs, and through your mind. (total xp lost 1800) -5hp, slowed.

7: The pain forces you to your knees. Blood drips from your mouth, ears, nose. The drums in your ears burst, driving you down with the force of a hammer. (total xp lost 2100) -10hp, prone, deafness until rest/healing.

8: Agony suffuses you as your eyes feel as if burst in their sockets. Blood washes down your face, your hands. (total xp lost 2400) -10hp, prone, blindness as above.

9: You can no longer see, no longer hear, but you can feel a fiery burning flowing over your skin, seeping into your very being, you can do almost nothing but scream. (total xp lost 2700) -2 healing surges, dazed.

10: The pain becomes unbearable, you tear at yourself in horror, you feel a bugeoning force which brings you to the verge of unconsciousness (total xp lost 3000)
(last chance)
The force erupts with a cascade of sparking energy that lances through you, tearing away at your mind, your life itself. As it passes over you nothing but a feeling of emptiness remains.
You breathe deeply, awake—the sphere dissipated—feeling but a shadow of your former self (-1500xp, 4500 total).
(debuff to each player, curse of -5 to saving throws for next encounter ie, vs. beholder).

The Feywild

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